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    All Politics is Local When the Candidate Supports White Supremacists

      Tom Kean Jr. has been in office for 19 years and is the son of a revered New Jersey governor, which means he’s effectively lived his entire life in politics. So how’d he not know he was fundraising for a white supremacist town council candidate in #Garwood? (links below) Answer: incompetence, it’s who he expects his supports to be, or both. Kean’s name is on the fundraiser invitation, which is sponsored by the Union County GOP, and posed with the candidate while he wore a Trump 2020 hat. In public social media posts this candidate posted: “Some of us aren’t okay with teaching kids homosexual history,” “It’s okay to be white,” and mocked George Floyd’s death. The town council candidate’s name is Jesse Wilson but used the name ‘Jerome Biggums’ on Facebook.
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    The No-Plan Man

    Tom Kean Jr. cannot be trusted to protect our State and Nation’s gun laws. His inconsistent voting record and lack of leadership with regards to sensible gun legislation are consistent with current Republican leadership which continues to fail to protect our citizens from the gun violence epidemic. 
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    Just Another Milquetoast!

    The Republican’s plan for NJ07 in November is to try to convince the electorate to let go of the substance that is Tom Malinowski for the shadow that is Tom Kean, Jr.  As usual, they want JAM on it. What’s JAM? Just Another Milquetoast, another in the line of NJ07 Representatives that go back through Leonard Lance to Mike Ferguson. 
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