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House Republicans’ spending bill includes FEMA cuts to fund Trump’s border wall

"President Donald Trump is promising billions to help Texas rebuild from Harvey-caused epic flooding, but his Republican allies in the House are looking at cutting almost $1 billion from disaster accounts to help finance the president’s border wall. The pending reduction to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s disaster relief account is part of a massive spending bill that the House is scheduled to consider next week when lawmakers return from their August recess. The $876 million cut, which is included in the 1,305-page measure’s homeland security section, pays for roughly half the cost of Trump’s down payment on the U.S.-Mexico border wall that the president repeatedly promised Mexico would finance." - Alan Fram and Andrew Taylor, The Boston Globe  click here to read more
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For GOP, Tough Words, Little Action After Trump Doubles Down on Charlottesville

During a tense press conference on Tuesday, President Donald Trumpwalked back his comments condemning the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend, saying that counter-protesters demonstrating against neo-Nazis and white supremacists were also to blame.  A number of Republicans have denounced the sentiment behind President Trump’s latest comments, but few as strongly as Representative Leonard Lance of New Jersey. Is he ready to actively stand against the president? Click on the 'Listen' button above to hear our full interview with Congressman Lance.  Aug 16, 2017    Click here to listen to the interview. Let us know what you think.
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Insider NJ Power Rankings: The 75 Most Relevant New Jersey Elected Officials RIGHT NOW

41. Leonard Lance In the ultimate drunken sailor on the deck of the Morro Castle theater piece, after years of running rightward following the public excoriation he endured for voting aye on cap and trade, the 7th District Congressman now scrambles leftward, starting with his nay vote on Obamacare repeal. The pro knows he has to dance to survive in a district that for years presented him with the thankless task of having to face the GOP Primary efforts of a self-described 2nd Amendment fierce gentleman farmer who proudly packed heat. Now it’s a bullhorn-wielding Joey Novick at the head of a barbarian army on the left that has the congressman on the move. He’s working it. Every move bears a pointillist painter’s significance in the grander political scheme. No one’s watching him more closely than his own party, and if the polling looks grim come 2018, there’s a judge’s robe with his name on it ready to be unpacked. Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean (R-21) may be weary of mouldering in the minority. Then there’s retiring Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli (R-16), who’s already showed an impatience with waiting in line. Lance has never worked harder than now. By Insider NJ | August 29, 2017, 3:21 pm | in Edward Edwards Read the full list here:
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