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Democrats Poised to Win the Congressional District 7th Seat


Democrats are now poised to win the Congressional District 7th seat against Leonard Lance. Primary results are in, and the winner Tom Malinowski will prepare to campaign against our true opponent, Leonard Lance. Go team Malinowski! Congratulations to Tom and his campaign. Flip the House 2018 !

We would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge a few brave patriots who also stepped forward to bring change in 2018. The primary candidates- Peter Jacobs, Goutam Jois, Lisa Mandelblatt, Scott Salmon and Linda Weber, all fought an outstanding race. We are inspired by their courage, hard work and efforts. We salute you and fully expect to see you leading in the future!

As always, NJ7 Citizens for Change will work to shine a spotlight on Lance’s record with the goal of victory in November! Unity begins today! We must all now have laser focus on Flipping the House! Make no mistake, the GOP will fight hard in this race and we will have to be prepared to respond. That means we must continue to produce targeted counter-messaging that tells the truth about Leonard Lance’s Far-Right agenda, out-of-touch voting record and lack of leadership. Our ad campaign goals include demographically-targeted social media boosting of videos; articles; print advertising; and radio ads. To help us fund our next professional ad campaign,  Please Donate Now!

Join us in our path to victory in November!

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