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GOP Votes to Release Memo and Plans to Investigate FBI




Our democracy is under attack, not from without, but from within. An ego-driven president with strong autocratic tendencies is being supported by the extreme right wing within his own party, by the remaining “go along to get along” Vichy Republicans in congress, and by a Fox News organization that feeds and thrives on conspiracy theories.

The Republican Party has chosen to undermine the FBI rather than make any attempt to suppress and rebuff a clear attempt by a foreign power, Russia, to interfere in the election process. And in taking this step, they have ignored the dire warnings of the Department of Justice that doing so would be “extraordinarily reckless” and have national security implications.

If it is the Department of Justice and FBI that is under attack today, then who tomorrow? Mueller? AG Rosenstein? The courts and judiciary will follow; the president has already made his views on judges known. Delegitimizing the press has been an obsession of his since even before he took office. This has all the hallmarks of a “Reichstag moment” for our democracy, the moment that the norms and values of a free and democratic society are subverted in favor of one-party demagoguery.

Leonard Lance, in voicing his support for the GOP’s obstruction efforts against the Russia investigation, has chosen once again to put party before country and must not be re-elected this November.

Please DONATE $10 NOW, and while the Democratic Primary candidates vie for nomination, we'll work to show the good people of NJ07 that Lance does not share their values.

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