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Graham-Cassidy is Rejection of All Things Obama

Graham-Cassidy is a piece of legislation breathtaking in its indifference to the health of Americans. 

Once again, it has been left to the AMA, the insurance industry, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield to enunciate for us, the public, the true significance of the changes embedded in this proposed law, which has received not a single legislative hearing. We are not even allowed the privilege of knowing how the CBO "scores" this legislation. Instead, we are fed a farrago of lies, darned lies, and statistics meant to persuade us that this bad-tasting medicine will be good for us.  But healthcare professionals across the political spectrum, and governors from north, south, east and west, have gone to great lengths to explain that this bill is a disaster for the poor, will drastically increase the ranks of the uninsured, and will reinstall the financial stigma of the preexisting condition for 40% of the population. 

And we, in a blue state, are being asked to shift precious resources to our red state colleagues who declined to expand Medicaid. No wonder even Chris Christie opposes this bill! What does our representative for New Jersey's 7th Congressional District have to say?

This is a shoddy piece of political opportunism the content of which is not even understood by the majority of Republican senators. The only strategy with which it is consistent is the rejection of All Things Obama. 

Stop this legislative gerrymander, and get on with creating a piece of bipartisan healthcare legislation worthy of the name. 

About Merv Turner

Merv Turner was born and educated in England, where he earned a PhD in chemistry.  After a career in UK academic research, he moved to New Jersey in 1985 to take a position in Merck Research Labs, in Rahway.  Merv spent his career with Merck, in drug discovery, licensing and business development, and corporate strategy, and retired in 2011. He continues to consult in the biotechnology and pharma sector. He has lived with his wife in Westfield NJ since 1985.


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