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On Gun Legislation, Congressman Lance Shoots From the Hip


Congressman Lance, let’s think big and bold on gun legislation. The “Fix NICS” legislation that you championed is like regrouting the dike while ignoring the breach. The STOP School Violence Act that you voted for is just a reauthorization of a Justice Department program focused on stopping school threats.

No. “Big and bold” means calling for the only two changes that really matter. Universal background checks, and a ban on military style assault weapons.

Your Republican colleague, Ryan Costello, laid out the argument perfectly for universal background checks. Perhaps that clarity of vision came with his decision not to run again in November….

Polling suggests support for universal background checks is almost universal, 98%, including among gun owners. Does the NRA hold that much sway that this cannot even be debated?

The same poll indicates a 67% - 29% split in favor of a nationwide ban on the sale of assault weapons. Rick Santorum’s suggestion that instead of calling for gun laws, kids should take CPR classes was sickening. The weapons used in these shootings are weapons of war. Try, if you can, reading this account from a physician about what he saw when treating Parkland victims. Or this description of wounds from military-style rifles:

“The tissue destruction is almost unimaginable. Bones are exploded, soft tissue is absolutely destroyed. The injuries to the chest or abdomen — it’s like a bomb went off.”

Veterans know the truth of this only too well. Watch this Public Service Ad from Veterans for Gun Reform.

Congressman Lance, we live at a moment where we have a unique opportunity to rid the American body politic of the influence of the NRA, and take real actions to curb the curse of gun violence that has been visited upon our nation for too long. It will require political leadership and moral courage to enact real change, change which the young leaders of March For Our Lives have demanded of us, the presumed adults in the room.

Anything less? In the words of the teenage spokesperson for the Parkland victims, Emma González, “We call B.S.

We will Remember in November!


Help us shine a light on Lance’s gun safety record. 





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