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Have You Had Enough Yet?



Have you had enough yet?

Have you had it with assaults on healthcare?

Does a $1 trillion cut in Medicaid and $480 million cut in Medicare sound immoral to you?

Are you sick of hearing about tax cuts for the wealthy funded by our state and local tax deduction?

Are you tired of the Koch brothers and their unholy influence?

When your contributory pension scheme is gone, does an assault on your 401K feel like the last straw?

Do you feel we have a misogynistic, sexist man-child in the White House?

Are you outraged at the rape and pillage of the EPA and all that protects our environment?

Are you appalled by the moral equivalence given to white supremacy and those who protest it?

Are you revolted by the failure of most Republicans to call “enough”?

Are you still waiting for that infrastructure spend we were promised?

Do you think we will EVER have a new tunnel under the Hudson?

Well, all politics is local. It starts with YOU. With YOUR vote for YOUR local representatives. For YOUR State representatives. If we want to change the House in 2018, then we need to start NOW in 2017.

Send a message. Enough IS enough!

Vote early if you can. Vote on November 7 if you can’t. And bring a friend or a neighbor.

But above all else ....... VOTE!!!!!

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