Honoring NJ07 Resisters: The Birth of the Resistance 2017 - NJ7 Citizens for Change

Honoring NJ07 Resisters: The Birth of the Resistance 2017

As we approach the anniversary of the 2017 Women's March, NJ7 Citizens for Change would like to thank our members for their tireless work and persistence. We look forward to joining you during 2018 as we bring back Democratic representation to New Jersey's 7th Congressional District!

We boarded buses in the cold pre-dawn light
to protest the beginning of an ill-gotten presidency.

We found solace in numbers
while teaching the next generation to fight for their rights.

We gathered outside libraries to defend free speech
and inside places of worship that opened their doors to us.

Many of us were new to this activism
but hit the streets out of a collective sense of duty.

We never thought that we’d have to march for science.
But we did.
And so we did.

We never thought that we’d have to march against racist policies that tried to divide us.
But we did.
And so we did.

For our neighbors, for our children,
and for our neighbors’ children,
and for anyone that continues to believe in the American Dream.

We are awoken from our slumber,
and we are undeterred
because we are fighting for the soul of this great nation.

You can hear us
whether you chose to listen or not.

Ours are the voices of decent hard working people
who have seen this country take a dangerous turn
and are concerned about where we are headed.

And we are raising our hands
and holding our elected leaders accountable.

And when they try to violate the social contract
we will hit the streets in protest

Because we know what’s at stake
and it’s bigger than all of us.

So we are organizing
in coffee shops and living rooms.

This is our new normal.
And until we have won
we will resist.

Words and photography by NJ7 Citizens for Change volunteer John M Flores


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