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Lance Joins the GOP in Release-the-Memo-Movement



Congressman Leonard Lance has allied himself with the ”Release the Memo” movement.  This, despite the fact that the Department of Justice has  warned that to do so without DOJ/FBI review would be “extraordinarily reckless.”

“I have read and reviewed the four-page memo, support its release publicly, and expect the House Leadership to authorize a vote on releasing the memo to the public soon,” said Lance, thereby jumping off the fence and onto the wrong side of history.

The Memo was prepared by members of Representative Nunes’ office, and purports to show that the FBI under the Obama Administration abused its powers to spy on President Trump’s campaign, ergo the FBI is unqualified to participate in the Russia investigation. But even Fox News anchor Shepard Smith called the memo a "weapon of mass distraction . . .  misleading, distracting and lacking context.”  

The Memo is the SHADOW.

The SUBSTANCE is that our President is about to be interviewed by Special Counsel to determine whether he obstructed justice, colluded with the Russians, and possibly other crimes.  

The SUBSTANCE is the news recently leaked that the President tried to fire that same Special Counsel in June, and was only dissuaded from doing so by the threat of resignation from his own White House Counsel, a report confirmed by the Washington Post, Fox News, amongst others.  It is NOT “Fake News” as the President claims.  Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough: “Trump’s attempts at obstruction of justice break new boundaries.”  Former Republican Congressman David Jolly:  “If the New York Times story is validated and Republicans look the other way to protect Trump from obstruction of justice charges, the GOP deserves to lose in November and Democrats should hold impeachment hearings”.  Conservative commentator Bill Kristol:   “[This] may well mean Trump recently returned to this idea, and this is a desperate attempt by McGahn to stop him again.”

The SUBSTANCE is that that all of our principal intelligence gathering communities concurred that the Russians meddled in our democratic process during the 2016 electoral campaign.  

The SUBSTANCE is that we need to protect the country against a serious threat. And to ensure that future elections are not compromised. 

To take the Shadow for the Substance:is “to accept something false, deceitful, shallow or insubstantial in place of something true, meaningful, or valuable.”

Vote for a SUBSTANTIAL Congressperson in 2018.





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