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Lance the Fake Moderate is Complicit

Elections have consequences. But did any of us really appreciate how dire the consequences would be for American values with the election of Donald Trump?

Did we really expect that our immigration policy would devolve into the forcible separation of mothers and their children? A policy that evangelical leader Franklin Graham, and a prominent Trump supporter, described as “disgraceful." That Cardinal Dolan said was “unAmerican” and “unbiblical.” That is opposed by all four living former First Ladies.

Did we really expect that the rules-based system of international order for a free world that the US created and curated for 70 years would be so speedily abandoned?  That fired by intemperate tweets and personal animus, the President would erode trust for our nearest neighbor and staunch ally, Canada, from 99% to 66%?

That our President would reveal a natural affinity for despots and tyrants?  That our President would consider it an “honor” to meet the leader of a regime, whose brutality is described as having “no parallel” in the world? That Trump would say that he and Kim Jong-un “get along very well, we had good chemistry” and that “his country does love him?”

That the donor classes would be rewarded with an unfunded $1.5 trillion in tax cuts that will leave 71% of Americans worse off? That the Medicare Trust Fund would be allowed to erode, and medical coverage for those with pre-existing conditions would again be placed in jeopardy?

That the President’s daughter and son-in-law, in their first year in public service, would pocket between $82 million and $222 million from investments, frequently made by people and persons unknown? 

That the President and his family would stand accused of using the family charity as an ATM?

And that the party of Abraham Lincoln would register 90% approval for this odious assault on our values?

Our Congressman, Leonard Lance, offers milquetoast bromides and policy platitudes in an attempt to try to burnish a carefully nurtured false image of moderation in his battle for reelection. But the upcoming election will showcase values, ethics and morality, not feeble posturing and ineffectual grandstanding.

And we will #RememberinNovember. #NJ07.


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