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Lance Does Not Deserve a Sixth Term

Leonard Lance does not represent the values of the citizens of NJ 7th Congressional District and should not be elected for a sixth term. Amid a slew of GOP Congressmen announcing that they will not seek reelection, Leonard Lance has announced that he will run. According to the 528 Vote Tracking study Lance continues to support the Trump agenda 93.3% of the time. His few outlying votes (most notably the GOP backed repeal/replace bill) seem designed to portray him as moderate when in fact the sum of his record paints a very different picture. He has repeatedly voted to rollback Obama regulations that protect us. Notable examples are:

  • Repeal of Ozone standards
  • Dismantling fiduciary protections in Dodd-Frank
  • Repeal of rules requiring overtime pay
  • Repeal of stream protection rules
  • Opposition to Net Neutrality, voting to give ISPs the power to throttle and censor internet usage.


Lance voted to take away the healthcare of thousands of constituents via repeal of ACA over 50 times. It took persistent public pressure to get him to vote No after he voted the destructive ACHA out of committee in January.

Although Leonard Lance has been touted by the media as moderate, his voting record is anything but. He is apparently adept at presenting himself as a voice of reason within the GOP while continuing to vote with an extreme right agenda. The citizens of NJ7 deserve someone who better represents our interests. Please join us as we work to take back our district.

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