NJ7 Citizens for Change - Three Month Recap - NJ7 Citizens for Change

NJ7 Citizens for Change - Three Month Recap

Thank you for your past support!  We want to share the results of our efforts and ask you to consider another donation to help us continue to expand on our efforts to bring change to NJ7 in November!

Here are the ways your support has made a difference!

December - We produced a video and blog posts about Net Neutrality. We showed over 30,000 people in NJ07 that Congressman Lance was on the wrong side of the issue.

January - We celebrated a year of The Resistance, with videos and blog posts and continued to show that Congressman Lance is on the wrong side of issues that are important to the district - healthcare, environment, and infrastructure. We reached 50,000 people in NJ07.

February - We mourned the tragedy of Parkland by reminding voters that Lance has an A- rating from the NRA using a video and a political style cartoon. Westfield 20/20 co-founder Marci Bandelli's guest post on Lance's retrograde position on gun safety was presented to over 11,000 people in NJ7. Overall, we reached over 40,000 people in the district. We continued to produce blogs that speak to the harm that Lance and the GOP bring to our state.

This kind of reach can only be achieved with paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and other channels.

Our messaging and advertising strategy is designed to galvanize Democrats and show left-leaning unaffiliated and independent voters that Congressman Lance does not share their values on a wide variety of policy issues and to spur them to vote in the upcoming primary and the all-important midterm. In the coming months we will be producing videos, blog posts, cartoons, and other vital content on women's health and reproductive issues, the environment, infrastructure and more. We have also launched a critical “traditional” media outreach to reach voters who may not use social media

As successful as we have been, we need to reach at least 100,000 people per month between now and November to make an impact. You have helped us get this far; please help us continue these efforts

Will you consider making a donation to help us?  Monthly support is appreciated.

Each donation helps us bring the message to your fellow CD7 Citizens. The election is nine months away.

Time is short but the stakes are HIGH!


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