Our Mission - NJ7 Citizens for Change

Our Mission

NJ7 Citizens for Change is a federally-registered SuperPAC whose mission is to produce and strategically disseminate messaging that supports Democratic representation for New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District.  As the District’s only Super PAC, we are uniquely structured to raise and spend unlimited funds for political activities.  This makes us an essential complement to the 20+ grassroots groups already active in the District, who are doing vital, groundbreaking work yet are restricted by their legal status from raising funds for such purposes.Our messaging will independently promote Democratic Candidates and issues important to citizens in our district. Our ad campaign goals include demographically-targeted social media boosting of videos; articles; print advertising; and radio ads. To help us fund our next professional ad campaign,  Please Join Us


  Together we can bring change to New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District in 2018.

   New Jersey's Congressional District 7 Map








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