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Sign Up for Healthcare- Know the Facts On Healthcare Insurance



Open enrollment is underway. Here are important things to know:

Open enrollment for all those covered by Individual Plans (non-employer) is Nov. 1st - Dec 15th. This is your opportunity to change your plan. All plans renew on January 1st. After December 15th there is no opportunity to buy or change your plan unless you experience a qualifying event (i.e. getting married, having a baby, or losing health coverage).

Subsidized Plans – If, based on your income, you qualify for a subsidy through the ACA please visit the exchange website to renew or purchase a plan. Open enrollment dates and restrictions apply.


NJ Individual Mandate - NJ passed legislation that requires all NJ residents to have health insurance in 2019 and beyond. The NJ mandate replaces the Federal mandate that was repealed by Congress in 2018 (for 2019). The NJ penalty applies to 2019.

The Penalty – If you reside in NJ and do not have health insurance in place for 2019 the penalty is 2.5% of household income with a minimum of $695.00/adult and $347.50/child.

Some good news! – Because of actions taken by NJ, most individual premiums are lower in 2019. Thank you NJ!

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