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The No-Plan Man

Tom Kean Jr. cannot be trusted to protect our State and Nation’s gun laws. His inconsistent voting record and lack of leadership with regards to sensible gun legislation are consistent with current Republican leadership which continues to fail to protect our citizens from the gun violence epidemic. 

Kean has voted to loosen requirements on “justifiable need” to carry a handgun, making it easier to access and carry a gun in NJ.

He has also voted against reducing firearm magazines to 10 rounds and voted to support purchases of multiple firearms within a 30-day period. Kean voted against a bill that would register firearm information to be collected and reported and he voted to reduce the requirements of individuals with unauthorized weapons to be required to dispose of them within a certain time period.

This is not what leadership looks like. Tom Kean has no plan to save the 40,000 lives lost to gun violence each year. No plan to protect the 21 children shot and killed each day. No plan to call out Mitch McConnell who fails to bring a bill for universal background checks to the Senate floor for a vote. And no plan to counter President Trump, the leader of his party, and whose re-election campaign has received millions of dollars from the NRA and gun lobby- heavily influencing our gun laws with these “donations.” Tom Kean Jr. has no plan at all to protect us from gun violence.


Tina Reis Baker, Westfield

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