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The Tide is Turning

The Tide is Turning

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that unhatched chickens should not be counted, but here are three reasons we will sweep away the Republican-led Congress in November:

First, the daily assault on our values provided by this venal and incompetent administration is firing up a sense of common decency that transcends political boundaries.  

We can see it in the #MeToo movement. Our President, at the center of multiple accusations, cannot acknowledge any woman’s story as true lest his own credibility be called into question. But most of us see fire behind all that smoke and expect something better from our leadership. 

We see it in the 69% of registered voters who believe Robert Mueller should be able to complete his investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. 

We can see it in the response to the Parkland shootings.  Thanks to the articulate survivors, their #NeverAgain movement and #MarchForOurLives, at last we have an opportunity to push for real change. Come November, we will remember Congressman Lance’s A- rating from the NRA. 

Second, grass roots leadership is transforming the political landscape. And at every level, we can see that it is women who are organizing, nominating, running, and winning.  This is no ephemeral movement, it is a national change, which the Democratic Party is struggling to comprehend, and which we ignore at our peril.

Third, millennials, and their younger “post millennial” siblings will have a decisive effect. In the last three elections, a racially diverse generation of young millennial adults has strongly favored Democratic candidates. Their siblings, now under age 20, and even more diverse, are coming of voting age. But even before they can vote, energized by #MeToo and #NeverAgain, and a strong sense of racial justice, they will use their savvy social media skills to help drive voter turnout. 

All we need is unity and turnout.  If you have not registered to vote, or you know your friend has not registered, do so NOW for the June primary.  If you want to make Leonard Lance quake in his boots, shock him with the turnout for the primary!

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Help us bring change to NJ's 7th Congressional District. 





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