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The Time for Action is Now

Congressman Lance has asked his constituents in a recent poll whether “bump stocks” should face the same restrictions as automatic weapons.  This is a far-too limited response to a hideous mass murder carried out by an individual in possession of an armamentarium of weaponry that had no right to be in the hands of civilians under any possible sensible interpretation of 2nd Amendment rights.
It is insufficient to pursue an incrementalist approach by banning this years technological “add on”, for we may be sure there will be others in the years to come.
Nor is not enough to say that legislation cannot prevent such evil acts.  Is not much of our criminal legislation designed to protect us from evil?  Why else do we legislate?
In the name of the more than 500 victims of the Las Vegas shootings, let us declare that now is the time for comprehensive and bipartisan legislative action.
All candidates for election in the NJ District 7 Congressional District, including the incumbent, should be asked if they would support some or all of legislative actions that would:

1) require background checks on all gun purchasers; 

2) license firearm owners; 

3) register all firearms; 

4) regulate firearms dealers and ammunition sellers; 

5) require the reporting of lost or stolen firearms; 

6) impose a waiting period before the sale of a firearm; 

7) limit firearm purchases to one per person every 90 days.

These are all legislative actions supported by The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, a CA-based organization that has claims to be the leading resource for legal expertise and information regarding state and federal firearms laws.  They provide a yardstick against we can measure our candidates, and the extent of their commitment to putting meaningful action ahead of pious platitudes and limp legislation.

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