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Tom Kean Jr. Keeps Us Sick

Let’s Talk About Healthcare in NJ7

Malinowski vs. Kean, Jr

As a health insurance broker in NJ, I am well aware of the issues faced by my clients in terms of affordability of health insurance as well as out of pocket costs given high deductibles, coinsurance and Rx costs. Now in the midst of a world- wide pandemic, the availability of health insurance is more important than ever.

Congressman Malinowski has worked with the House majority to support initiatives to help all Americans.  His YES votes include:

  • An initiative to reduce ACA premiums and to protect Americans against the imposition of pre-existing conditions
  • To allow MEDICARE to negotiate the cost of prescription drugs thereby providing savings for senior citizens who rely on MEDICARE for their prescriptions. 
  • Protect essential workers from the effects of exposure to COVID-19 at work with a nationwide legal standard
  • An initiative for national paid sick and family leave. Nothing has become more important than protecting families against the financial strain brought on by COVID-19

These and other issues to protect your health insurance have been passed by the House of Representatives while the Trump Administration is arguing before the Supreme Court to remove the protections in the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT and while the Senate under Mitch McConnell is blocking most of these proposals.

Candidate Thomas Kean, Jr has a clear record on healthcare as it directly affects the citizens of NJ. As the Minority leader of the NJ Senate his NO votes include:

  • NO to provide paid sick leave for NJ workers
  • NO to form a NJ Health Insurance Exchange for health Insurance so that our state can continue to provide guidance and financial assistance to NJ residents should the ACA be struck down by the Supreme Court.
  • NO to guarantee protections to NJ workers exposed to COVID-19
  • NO to funding for family planning services
  • NO to the Out of Network Consumer Protection Transparency Act that requires disclosure of network status, advises patients of financial responsibility and requires that Emergency Room Services be billed at in network rates.

Tom Kean, Jr has admitted that he supports the president.  The same president who seeks to take away the protections afforded by the ACA.  The record is clear.

Tom Kean JR WILL NOT protect your healthcare in Washington.

VOTE Malinowski on Nov. 3

Lynda Feder  - Co-Founder, NJ7 Citizens for Change

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