Too Late, Lance (Health Insurance to rise as much as 28% in 2018)

Too Late, Lance (Health Insurance to rise as much as 28% in 2018)


NJ7 Congressman Leonard (I'm not a moderate but I play one on television) ​Lance is on TV again, talking about the Problem Solver Caucus and their hope to fix healthcare. It's an admirable bi-partisan caucus but what Lance neglects to admit is that he's trying to solve a problem that he help to create in the first place.

With his Executive Order ending CSR payment that stabilize the health insurance marketplace, Trump has thrown a grenade into healthcare. No, not a figurative grenade, a real one. Health insurance rates are expected to rise by up to 28% in 2018 for individuals and small businesses in New Jersey and this is going to hurt a lot of people in the state and in the country just like a real grenade would. Read this story in NJ Spotlight to understand exactly what is happening.

Do not, for a second, let your conservative friends blame Obamacare for these increases and the collateral damage that this Executive Order will cause. The GOP has held absolute and total control of Washington for the entire year. They have had the means and the votes to make meaningful and significant improvements to healthcare in this country, but every single plan that they have put forth has stunk. Simple as that. And they put a man in the White House that threw the grenade. Now Lance, who helped give that man the grenade, is saying, "That grenade made a mess! Let me help clean up!"

It's too late, Lance, to pretend to be a moderate. Your chance was in November 2016 when you could have placed country above party instead of saying "Donald Trump will have my enthusiastic support for President." You and your party endorsed a man that lacked the intellect, temperament, and compassion for the highest office in the land. Everyone knew it and every single worse case scenario is coming true. You blew it, Congressman Lance, and now every terrible tweet and every terrible and divisive Executive Order issued from the White House has your fingerprint on it.

Bio: John Flores is a member of our all volunteer staff and works to reach out to citizens of NJ 7th Congressional District on social media. 

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  • Mervyn Turner
    commented 2017-10-23 15:59:15 -0400
    Hear hear! Well said. Approving Lance’s actions in this case is like rewarding a drunk for calling the fire department after setting fire to the barn with his matches.