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We Have a Fight on Our Hands - We Need Your Help


The Trump administration's inept response to the COVID-19 pandemic has put us in a state of daily shock and horror.  It saddens and angers us in equal measure. Surely the rest of the country sees the same ineptitude, right? Surely this will lead to an unprecedented blue tide in November, right? 
Not so fast. While Trump may be lagging in the polls, the situation downballot is not so clear cut. A recent Monmouth University poll said this about the situation in New Jersey:
"However, voters are almost evenly divided between the Republican (46%) and Democratic (45%) candidates in the five most competitive districts (i.e., CDs 2, 3, 5, 7, 11).  This time two years ago, Democrats held an aggregate 7-point edge in these districts (49% to 42%). In November 2018, Democrats ended up winning the cumulative safe seat vote in New Jersey by 33 points (66% to 33%) and the competitive seats by 9 points (54% to 45%).
'Democratic incumbents in New Jersey’s ‘blue wave’ districts face a tough challenge heading into November. The terrain does not look quite as friendly as it did two years ago even with a strong performance by their party at the top of the ticket this year,” said Murray.'"
Presumptive Republican candidate Tom Kean Jr. is also crowing about a recent Basswood Research Poll that shows him with a slight margin:
We can't let all the hard work that we did in 2017 and 2018 go to waste. Tom Malinowski has represented the district with honor, wisdom, and intelligence, qualities sorely missing from the White House.
What can you do?
We're building a team of volunteers to research Tom Kean's positions on key topics, help organize, and become part of our social media action team. If you are interested, contact: [email protected]

Please Donate

In 2018, thanks to donations, we reached 330,000 liberals and left leaning moderates/unaffiliated voters in NJ07 with over 2.1 million ads on issues related to the environment, gun safety, healthcare, and a host of other issues. We will need the same level of outreach, and possibly more since it is more difficult to do door-to-door canvassing these days. Can you help us?
We know that it is hard, under these trying circumstances, to muster the energy. We are weary and fatigued. But we have just a handful of months to defend Tom Malinowski's hard-won seat. Let's do this!

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