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Weak-Stance Lance is Whistling in the Dark- He Hopes You Won't Vote



What does Conor Lamb’s victory mean for NJ7, our Congressman was asked?  “Secretary Clinton carried my district by 3,800 votes and I was honored to carry it by 38,000 votes . . . . I’m very confident the voters in my district will judge me based upon my record.”

Confident? Really? In a race that is now a toss-up?  In NJ, where voters disapprove 63-32% of the job President Trump is doing? With your A- rating from the NRA, in the year of #Neveragain?  With a proud boast of at least 39 votes to repeal, defund or dismantle Obamacare, when healthcare is again top of mind? With your 34% rating from the League of Conservation Voters?  With an 83% approval rating from a Koch brothers group, when we are thinking what we could have done with the $1.5 trillion we gave to the Kochs and their ilk??  You think?  Congressman, we will be delighted to judge you on your record!

Congressman Lance has one hope.  You won’t vote.  Or your neighbor won’t vote; or your aunt won’t vote, or your son won’t vote.  And Republicans love to put a thumb on the scales when it comes to voting.  They have perfected the gerrymander, such that 49% of votes for the House translated to 55% of the seats.They love to roll logs in the path of the poor, immigrants, people of color, all in the name of preventing wholly fictitious voter fraud.  

But this time, Congressman, we are going to find those 38,000 votes and a few more! We will find them among our large suburban base of motivated women and millennials and minorities.  We will find them in the first time voters we are registering, who expect us to take on the NRA.  And we will find them among the decent people of NJ7 who are disgusted by the fourth-rate reality TV show that is the Trump administration that YOU support.

And we WILL vote as though our lives depend upon it.  Because they DO!

Remember in November!



Help us bring change to NJ07. 





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