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What’s In a Name?

Tom Kean, Jr hiding behind a rock


Tom Kean, Jr. would like you to vote for him based on his family name. Want to research his position on issues you care about? You won’t find it on his website. You can give him your email address, you can give him your dollars, but what you can’t give him is an examination of his record. Is it because he’s trying to run on the moderate reputation of his father? Or is it because he doesn’t want you to look at his voting record in the NJ Senate?

What are some of these “New Jersey values” he says he stands for? 

Tom Kean, Jr. must not want you to know any of that. His website fails to mention any.of his positions on anything. Do you want to know where Tom Malinowski stands on the issues? He shows us, in his actions, his votes, and right on his website. He’s proud of his work for our district and for his positions. Why is Kean, Jr. hiding his? 

Kean, Jr. Website, No Polciy

What’s in a name? In this case, who knows? Voting for a candidate based on his name is like rooting for a sports team based on their uniform colors. It looks great, but it’s meaningless in action.


Jan Reisen


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