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Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

In the documentary: "Park Avenue: Money Power and Greed" there is a scene where a woman is running a food pantry. There is a long line of people, some young, some with children, many elderly and waiting to get food to eat for the the week. When, in an abrupt fashion, the woman comes out and says: "Sorry! We are all out of food! Please come back next WEEK!" Then she has to repeat herself, to an elderly Latino man and woman. "Sorry Papi. Sorry Mami. Next week."

The place where the scene takes place? The Bronx.

Here's what many of you don't get. What individuals like Ms. Ocasio and other so-called far left progressives and Democrats represent isn't some damn title just to be damn cute. NO. Their ideology isn't forged from reading books, going to conferences, or wanting to be "down" because it's the cool thing to do. NO. Their ideology is formed from being on the font lines as either victims, witnesses, or both to the horrific and traumatic REAL LIFE impact social inequality, systemic poverty, and racism.

And when you go through that of course you gonna have a hard line on what you believe. And as someone that came up from Jersey City, NJ seeing what crack, AIDS and redlining did (and continues to do-eff Fulop) to my hometown, family, and friends, I am 10000% with her.

I will tell you what this experience in being in these so called Democratic political groups has taught me over the past year or so. Many of you have never had a damn ounce of struggle in your life. Many of you have never had to actually experience the very things that the Democratic party built its platform on and wanted to end. And because of that, in some crazy ironic way, you're actually more scared and opposed to those that speak, fight, and lead from being the victims of those experiences.

Now it makes sense. Its why members of NJ 11 went full on crazy when Tamara Harris was making her run, its why Dems went silent and didn't come for Nancy Pelosi's neck when she chastised Maxine Waters, aka "Auntie Maxine" as we in the Black community call her, for calling out Donald Trump and it's why I've seen just as many articles and criticisms from so called liberal-middle class, suburban living, Dems on Ms. Ocasio as there has been on Jay freakin' Webber.

This is that BS.

If I had a penny for every time someone tried (and failed) to come for me because of my criticisms of the DNC and them saying I shouldn't attack the Democratic Party, I'd be richer than that dude in Bedminister right now. But NOW I know the reason why. It isn't for Democratic unity. It's because ya'll don't want to lose control of the message you want to put out and the power you have. You want it to stay middle class/upper middle class suburban controlled while presenting yourself as the party for the people. You don't want to give power to those who you say you're fighting for for equality.

My eye's (and many people of color) have been opened for a while when it comes to middle/upper middle class Democrats who have political power. They're not DINO's but worse.

Wolves in Sheeps Clothing.

L-Mani S. Viney
Educator, Activist, and Youth Advocate
Mr. Viney's "Here's Why it Hurts When People Say, 'All Lives Matter'" was published in Vanity Fair.

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